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Visit Tallinn & Order Partyride of Your Wildest Dreams!

You are planning to visit Tallinn, the capital of Estonia? Great choice, now to make your trip even more unforgettable let's get you a Partyride straight from the Airport or Port of Tallinn to your Hotel and to the Clubs!

Joyride Driver
Photo: Your Joyride driver is ready for you!

In order to plan all that, let's first get in touch! Write an email to spam@kolostov.ee describing your vocation/trip to Tallinn and we will reply with a quote and exchange numbers!

This joyride can become as wild as you can fantasize it to be, just describe everything your hearth desires and we will do our best make it happen!

To prepare you for the email you are about to write:

  1. Joyrides are priced at 2 EUR/km or 50 EUR/h - it depends if you are going to a specific location or we're just driving around.
  2. You can eat, drink and vape in the car. Do not smoke tobaccos or light anything on fire. Do not litter in the car.
  3. Music can be yours or can be ours.
  4. There are 4 seats in the car for the passengers, if the car is full then you (the one who ordered) should sit in the front with the driver in order to herd your friends at the back.
  5. We can go everywhere we are allowed to and we can do anything within the law - feel free.
  6. You can take pictures and video in the car. You can also ask driver to take a picture of you.
About small things you might also wonder:
  • There are USB type C and one Wireless Charger in the car.
  • There are snacks if you feel hungry.
  • There are drinks if you get thirsty.
  • There are medical kits if you get hurt.
  • There are mirrors and lights if you need to fix your makeup.
  • There are tinted and PVC covered windows if you need privacy.
  • There is an extra Phone Holder if you want to go Live on any platform.
Your driver is at your full service, dedicated to complete all* you please without any hesitation. Look at our YouTube channel for some random videos we've made on the ride.

* All that can be consider sane, reasonable and within our relation.

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